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John Doe

How to thrive as a digital-first publisher?

  • What you mean by digital first publisher and how different it is a digital first and print first publisher? 6:03
  • What do you think are some of the key elements for a good digital strategy? 15:53
  • Pricing is a tricky question, how do we come up with an effective pricing strategy? 27:19
  • There are many distribution channels, how do you find out which distribution channel makes sense for your type of content? 36:02
  • What do you see out in future for publishers or publishing in general? 41:24
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John Doe
David Parker
VP, Product Management: Books

David Parker is Vice President, Product Management, Books for ProQuest. In his current role, David oversees all aspects of the ebook business for ProQuest. David previously led the streaming video and health sciences business for ProQuest and was a leading voice for driving the integration of virtual reality content in ProQuest databases and video products. Prior to his role with ProQuest, David founded Business Expert Press and served as the President of Business Expert Press and its sister company, Momentum Press. BEP and MP specialize in applied, concise ebooks for advanced business and engineering students. Before founding BEP, David was editor-in-chief for business publishing at Pearson Education and a member of Pearson’s global business publishing committee. David holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies from George Fox University and a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Arizona. David is the author of The Blurring Line column in Against the Grain and a frequent adviser to book and video publishers navigating the physical to digital transition.

  1. Thought-provoking interview. Full of innovative ideas. Selling chapters instead of the whole book for example. And a candid opinion of the future- digital vs print. Thanks to Mr. Parker and Publisherspeak.

  2. Thanks, David Parker for sharing your insight. Multi-channel distribution, and engaging with users is very informative.

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