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Where is AI headed? How will it impact us and the companies we work for?

  • How do machines learn? In what ways are they different from how people learn? 11:30
  • What are some efficient ways to make progress with AI and not burn a big hole in your pocket? 23.31
  • Some of the concerns raised about AI are related to the areas of ethics and bias. What are your thoughts on this? 27:16
  • In our discussions you have talked about a concept called Hybrid AI. Can you tell us more? 33:27
  • How can we transform ourselves to ensure that we survive and thrive? How can we make sure the future works for us? 43:19
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John Doe
Dorai Thodla
Technopreneur, Teacher

Dorai Thodla, CEO, iMorph Inc, is a serial entrepreneur who started two companies in India and two in the USA. He was also a chief Mentor at Congruent Research Labs, Chief mentor KCTech Innovation Cell. With more than 33 years of work experience, He involved in mentoring several innovative initiatives and startups.

Dorai Thodla
  1. A complete history of technology from the 1970s and to date. I’m basically non-technical personal but the terminology he used I’m able to understand and relate myself to the chores of work. In spite of teaching for 33 yrs, his passion has not come down. He has explained the difference between machine learning and human learning and it was mind-blowing. The machine does work which is beyond human capacity. If a human can handle thousands of data at the same time or the lesser time, a machine can handle and sort data in millions with lesser time or practically no error. The speaker is unbelievable, your perspective will be completely changing after you listen to his version.

  2. Thanks, Uma. I am glad you enjoyed it. It is very kind of you to take the trouble to mention it.

  3. Very useful 50 minutes spent! a very relevant topic, I gained a lot of understanding…I just felt, taking a concrete example would’ve improved the usefulness though. But, agree, that must’ve not been possible in the limited time.

    1. Great idea. We had a choice between breadth and depth. But this is just the beginning. We will come up with other versions – more specific and deeper.

  4. What is Machine Learning. We did not have much time to get into details in the interview. Here are a couple of blog posts I wrote. One is curated list. Another is a mix of some of my favorite definitions with some commentary.

    What is Machine Learning? – Dorai Thodla
    What is Machine Learning – A Curated List – Dorai Thodla

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