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Building sustainable market share through community engagement

  • How do you go about building and engaging your community? 01:40
  • How do you determine the community engagement that is needed for your organization? 06:33
  • How do you think a very striving community engagement actually helps a business to sustain in the market share? 11:50
  • What do you think are some of the ways that we as publishers can build our own community and make sure it is successful? 16:40
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John Doe
Janet Peavy
General Manager

Since joining Lyft in 2018, Janet Peavy has spearheaded unprecedented growth for Lyft San Antonio as a trusted voice in the multimodal transportation conversation. Due to her success in growing the San Antonio market, Peavy has recently taken on more territory to include certain regions of North, South, East and West Texas.
As General Manager, Janet oversees all operations of the markets she serves to include providing driver support, anticipating large as well as reliable rideshare needs for both local and visiting groups, facilitating community partnerships and engaging closely with city and county officials to reduce transportation gaps and address challenges unique to each city.
Janet’s path towards Lyft included a marketing manager position with Fortune 100 utility company TXU Energy in Dallas and numerous roles with the Junior League of San Antonio including vice president of Fund Development, treasurer and ultimately chief executive officer. Peavy also shares her talent as a concert pianist and has performed with the San Antonio Symphony and at multiple Piano Texas competitions.

Janet Peavy
  1. Community building strategy need not necessarily revolve around coupons and pricing. There are more long-lasting methods. Thanks for a valuable take away

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