Lorna Notsch
John Doe

Accessible Publishing. Why is it important and how to incorporate accessibility into your workflows?

  • Why is accessibility important? Who is the typical audience? 01:23
  • How different are accessibility guidelines across the world and are there any standards? 16:40
  • Sage has been one of the leaders in making sure their content is accessible. What has been the driving force at Sage? 19:15
  • How has the market received the accessible content? How has your community responded? 23:40
  • What are some of the innovations Sage has done in conjunction with their partners to make the experience better for their users? 31:46
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John Doe
Lorna Notsch
Senior Content Analyst
SAGE Publishing

Lorna Notsch is a Senior Content Analyst in Publishing Technologies, with a focus on digital accessibility. Her primary responsibilities include platform and product testing, accessibility document creation and maintenance, and staff training around accessibility integration across the product workflow. Outside of the office, Lorna enjoys reading, attending events and activities throughout the DC, and growing her houseplant collection.

John Doe
Jerry Orvedahl
Senior Manager, Online Content
SAGE Publishing

Jerry Orvedahl is Senior Manager for Online Content Analysis at SAGE Publishing. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Jerry manages a team of content analysts with expertise in XML and related technologies; content and metadata management; online accessibility; and workflow and process engineering. He works in SAGE’s Washington, DC, office and resides in Fairfax, Virginia.

  1. Accessibility is not just for people with disabilities. It makes great business sense, streamlines your existing workflows and improves communication across the organization. Some great insights from Lorna and Jerry.

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