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John Doe

Managing a complex journal portfolio with distributed teams

  • With such a diverse portfolio, I am sure there are a lot of challenges that you come across. What are some of the complications you have seen when dealing with such a variety? 02:20
  • Are there any specific kind of project management techniques you use to manage this diverse workflow? 16:28
  • It must be tough to train your multicultural teams and make sure everyone is on the same page. How do you go about doing this? 22:45
  • What is the biggest motivation you get from your job? What keeps you going? 30:21
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John Doe
Natalie Bryan
Senior Production Manager

Natalie Bryan has over 20 years’ production experience within the medical publishing industry and has worked at BMJ since 2003. She started at BMJ as a Production Editor, and now holds the position of Senior Production Manager. Natalie manages the copy editing and typesetting supplier relationships as well as an in-house team of Production Editors. She works closely with journal editors and the publishing team to ensure the swift and accurate processing of articles from acceptance to publication (online and in print).

  1. Having the right people in the right positions goes a long way in solving problems. Great point Natalie!

  2. Very valid points on the importance of collaboration and open discussion for managing a large and diverse team.

  3. It’s often easy to overlook the massive planning and collaborative efforts that go behind each process in production which were well delved into here. Really appreciated this session!

  4. It’s amazing how the team manages the dynamic demands and the effort put in to explore the possibility of standardization amid the bespoke requirements.

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