Pravin Shekar
John Doe

Publishing is Marketing?

  • You have been in marketing for a long time and believe that everyone is a marketer. Is everyone a marketer? 01:20
  • Many of us are in publishing production or project management with no marketing or sales responsibilities. Who are we marketing to? 04:31
  • You see publishing as marketing, please elaborate. 17:29
  • How can we all be micromarketers? 19:39
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John Doe
Pravin Shekar
Outlier Marketer/Keynote Speaker

Pravin Shekar is an Outlier Marketer, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur. Unconventional marketing is his forte. An author of three books, Pravin is the recipient of the American Marketing Association’s “Emerging Leader” award. As a professional speaker, he has energized business leaders in 27 countries. He talks on using outlier marketing and word-of-mouth referrals as key business growth techniques. Pravin nudges CEOs and Sales heads to reorient their marketing outreach by enabling every associate to act towards a common goal - that of driving revenue growth. When the world moves one way, you need to move another: That’s Pravin’s philosophy and work style.

  1. Everyone is a marketeer versus there is a marketeer in everyone… it’s so true. We always have our marketing hat on, we just don’t see it that way. Great to see Pravin break it down and make it so simple to understand and make it seem easy to action on it to.

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