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Future of work and the workforce that is needed

  • You have had tremendous experience working with large companies whose vision and purpose starts with their people. What does this mean and how do you ensure that your people are able to thrive? 02:06
  • What impact are Automation and AI going to have on the way we do work? 07:35
  • What’s your view on diversity and inclusion and why is it important? 18:25
  • What do companies need to do to ensure that they survive and thrive? 20:31
  • What do us professionals need to do to make sure we stay relevant? 20:31
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John Doe
Priya Srinivasan
Area HR Director, Developing Markets
Reckitt Benckiser Health

Priya Srinivasan is currently the Area HR Director, Developing Markets for Reckitt Benckiser Health. Priya has broad HR experience and has worked across many areas of the HR function. She also brings a diverse international perspective with the experience of having lived and worked in a range of countries - India, US, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and now in the UK.
Prior to Reckitt Benckiser, Priya has been with AstraZeneca for 14 years where she has made significant contributions to increasing the development focus and working in close partnership with the business to strengthen the leadership pipeline within the company.
Priya believes that HR can make a huge difference to business performance by sharply focusing on the human barriers and opportunities to business outcomes.

Priya Srinivasan
  1. Priya – I loved your guiding principle on honest feedback. Having worked at several large companies, I feel this remains a missed opportunity. Speaking from my personal experience, employees really do want to know where they stand and consistently appreciate specific, constructive feedback on their development opportunities.

  2. Priya, really appreciate your optimism and views on HR; as to how HR can really help resources to get fine tuned and sharpened.

  3. Even in current times, honesty, transparency and dignity remain key. Growth and performance are just outcomes.

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