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Unlock the real power of ideation

  • Your mission is to help people think differently? How can one learn and how do you encourage your team to do so? 03:30
  • You have written a book about unlocking the power of ideation. Why is it locked and how do we unlock it? 06:03
  • How and where do you source your ideas? From your people? your customers? Where else? 10:50
  • Now for the million dollar question, how do we make sure these ideas get implemented? I assume ownership and encouragement is key to this. 31:19
  • The ultimate goal is to build a virtuous cycle of innovation that ensures that our organizations continue to innovate. How should we change as people and as organizations to make sure that happens? 40:39
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John Doe
Sridhar Ramanathan
Public Speaker, Innovation Facilitator

Sridhar Ramanathan, is an Innovation Facilitator, Consultant & Creativity Coach. He helps clients choose the right challenges, generate alternate ideas, select ideas smartly, develop them into powerful solutions, and coach them through to implementation. He believes his mission is to help people who want to think differently and do things better. Sridhar had a distinguished career in Ogilvy & Mather for 25 long years. He was a Director of Ogilvy & Mather India, when he decided to set up his own innovation practice, IDEAS-RS, in 2000. Sridhar completed a six-month distance learning programme from the Open University Business School, UK on Creativity, Innovation & Change. He is an accredited CEO Coach from the Coaching Foundation of India.

A gift from Sridhar Ramanathan to you
Sridhar Ramanathan
    1. Absolutely! He has a wealth of experience and has a fantastic way of making ideation look simple.

  1. Really enjoyed this talk. Good thing about the ideas he talks about is that it can be applied to any creative field. Specially when it comes to mind blocks and dealing with it. Thanks!

  2. Your speech was highly charged with positive energy, we have derived a lot of energy by listening to your talk;
    Most of the points that you discussed I am able to relate to my work and otherwise.
    We are so constrained to one solution to a given problem, we have many solutions but our mind fixed with one, even the one which we follow is a safe /comfortable and politically correct solution. We are so scared of the failure so we do not try. As you said we are a prisoner of own logic and assumption.
    I remember my boss always says – when you stuck please raise red flag rest shall be taken care – I can draw a parallel with your quote ‘ phone a friend’-
    My take away from your Talk – Getting a WOW from a customer and the formula Experience/Expectation = customer satisfaction.
    I completely agree with your statement “opening of the door will be a great encouragement for people”.
    Once in a while let’s break the rules, will that work I have not experienced this? Sounds interesting

  3. Enjoyed listening to you. Ideation and creativity made simple. Indian corporates will reach great heights if each one of them employs a Chief Innovation Officer to promote creativity within their organizations!

  4. awareness, aspiration, ambition, motivation are all things that can bring innovation alright. But how do you help someone get all or some of these traits? Do you think it’s possible to “inspire” someone to ideate, or innovate maybe? Did you want to address this?

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mr Sridhar. What appeal to me is you can use his inputs in any field. And how true when he says..fresh find of looking at things…break the mental block …go outside the box…phone a friend..need of outside stimuli!

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