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Are we headed towards a contactless future?

  • What is the Museum of the Future? How do you reconcile the idea of a museum, which we think of as a curation of artefacts, and the future, for which the artefacts don't yet exist? 02:14
  • How do you think about content, both from the perspective of the content itself, and also from how to manage it as you go forward? 12:35
  • What does a contact less future mean to you? Will that mean we will interact with people and devices through voice commands and gestures? 15:15
  • Publishing is about disseminating information. As a museum you will be collecting and disseminating information over time. What tools do you think we need, and what’s in our future? 20:35
  • As a future-focused organization, what’s your vision of where we are headed? What lies ahead for us? 28:58
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John Doe
Sundar Raman
Director of Technology
Museum of the Future

Sundar Raman is an engineer with a background in community media and interactive experience design. He believes that engineering and art share the same foundation; that technology should be as invisible as possible and that technology should always be a facilitator for creative results, rather than an end in itself. He is continuously burnishing the rough edges of all tendrils of technology that interconnect to make our modern lives work smoothly. His contributions to award-winning projects include the National September 11th Memorial and Museum, The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, The Museum of the City of New York, The Eisenhower Memorial amongst many others. Sundar has lectured at various institutions, including Princeton University, Parsons Art and Design School, NYU Tandon School of Engineering and School of the Visual Arts.

Sundar Raman
  1. I really enjoyed the perspectives and the line of questioning in this video! The perspective on frictionless moving over to contactless interactions and the need to recognize our mutual fragility in the conversations we will have was also a very interesting thought!

    1. Completely agree. This contactless world is forcing all of us to come together like never before. The speed of thought is bound to get accelerated and the prognosis for the future is excellent!

  2. Hi @Karthik, thanks much for your feedback. Interesting times for new approaches!

    1. I like the title Museum of the Future; a Museum is typically a collection of the Past while the Future is unknown. But we are in the Now. I loved your perspectives.

  3. Amazing session! As a museum visitor a couple of years back in Europe, I wanted to know what all thoughts put together to build and create such fantastic and communicative work; it has soul to itself. It’s not just the Archiving as we do in the content/publishing world. Thank you for the great insight.

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